Matching parentage DNA on all breeding stock is essential so the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool remains true and verified. 

The TSSR offers DNA kits at this special price to ALL Shiloh Shepherd owners, regardless of where they will be registering their dogs. [ORDER TODAY!!!]


This online version of our database project will not generate the breeding report packet that many breeders are accustomed to seeing when making their final decisions on a pairing. Fortunately we are able outsource this task. Reports are available for a nominal service fee. You will be invoiced.  [LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE REPORTS]

Reports are available in two versions (see details below). 

  • $2.00 SnapShot Report 
  • $3.00 Detailed Report when added on to SnapShot Report
  • $5.00 Detailed Report when ordered alone 

Be sure to list test sire/dam during your request.

dbS Breeding Report Request
dbS Breeding Reports
list dog's name or sire/dam for test reports

Order ONE document customized for your litter for your new owners. Just print the number of copies you need and put in a folder (or stable) and you’re ready to go.

  • $15.00/each – with our unique fill-in PDF form, you can print off as many as you need
  • Optional +$2.00 per puppy for packets customized for each individual puppy
  • Learn More about the Anatomy of a Puppy Information Pack [HERE]

pupPak (1 copy) $15.00 USDpupPak custom per puppy (+$2/pup to be invoiced) $15.00 USD
add on at n/c:
no additional itemsISSDC Membership Brochure
name of litter sire/dam
litter date of birth