Relationship Analysis Report


The Relationship Analysis Report is a packet of eight individual reports which provides an in-depth analysis of a subject dog or breeding pair. . Information is extrapolated from the Shiloh Shepherd database (dbS). 

  • $30.00 base price
  • $15.00 per 30 minutes additional time required to prepare report (NTE $100 total)
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Assistance & Cooperation is required

In preparation for the report, a review of the subject records is made. In order to the most complete report, additional data may be requested. Information may be requested for the subject dog or any litters/progeny which you have direct control of or knowledge of. This includes, but is not limited to, the following information which have not been previously submitted or have appeared in the online database.

  • PennHip or preliminary hips/elbows
  • Holter reports
  • DM reports
  • DNA reports
  • Health ailments not previously reported, including SAS, bloat, pannus, megaE, EPI, anal gland issues, etc

This report is only as good as the data submitted. Your cooperation and assistance to make this so is greatly appreciated.

Relationship Analysis Reports Include…

1. Pedigree Health Report, 5 generation
  • sire/dam; name, call name, health stats, owner, dob, color/coat, DNA, IC, OTX% & designation
  • g parents; name, call name, dob, color/coat, health states, IC, OTX% & designation
  • gg parents; name, call name, color/coat, hips, IC, OTX% & designation
  • ggg parents; name, color, IC, OTX designation
  • gggg parents; name only
2. Analysis Summary
  • Top of the form details the subject dog, including health testing, breeding status, OTX, COI, etc
  • Balance of the report is a relationship analysis of health data extracted
    • Information is extracted by subject (i.e. sire/dam, ancestors, full siblings, half-siblings, progeny)
    • Counts are based on number of times topic appears in subject column
    • Percentages are based on number of dogs which appear in each subject
    • over 30 topics (health status) are calculated by subject
3. Parentage Details
  • sire and dam details of subject dog, including health testing, breeding status, OTX, COI, etc.
4. Unique partners based on half-siblings and progeny
  • litters, average puppies per litter, total number of unique partners
  • names of the unique partners per subject column
5. Progeny, the Next Generation
  • lists names of progeny which have (or the males which intend to) move forward within the breeding program
  • lists year moved forward; and current status if spayed or neutered
6. Ancestor Report (5 generations)
  • includes call names, names, hips, hearts, DM data and OTX & OTX% for each
7. Highlights Report, from %Blood Report
  • List of typical dogs spotlighted in many breeding searches and consults
  • Outcrosses most often seen in many breeding reports
  • includes call name, registered name, COI, COR, Count, Min Gen, Max Gen, % of Blood
8. %Blood Breeding Report; 10 generation
  • % of blood (sorted); with the following columns shown, but not presented as separate sorted report
  • coefficient of inbreeding (COI) & coefficient of relationship (COR)