Puppy Information Kit

The Anatomy of a Puppy Information Kit

There are a multitude varieties of Puppy Information packets that breeders use to send home with their new Puppy Buyers… this is just one.  All items can be added, or just those that you feel applicable to your individual style.


pupPak is customized to your litter and kennel. Includes, but is not limited to,

  • Cover sheet (detail areas for Puppy Name (collar color), Sex, Call Name, Color/Coat, Microchip, Adoption Date and makes note of Breeder’s Name and contact information)
  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Health/Vet Records
    • Growing Up Chart
  • Shiloh Family Tree
    • Picture Pedigree, three generations
    • Sire Health Information, including health information on their sires and dams
    • Dam Health Information, including health information on their sires and dams
    • Shilohs In Brief – bulleted description of the breed
    • Shilohs, A Brief History – short and sweet (from wiki pages)
    • Quick Reference – common, easy reference links
  • Raising Your Puppy
    Training, Socialization & Care

    • Basic Training/House Training
    • Pet Poison Safety Tips
    • Dangers, Plants & Foods
    • Socializing Your Puppy
    • Socialization : What You Can Do
    • Disaster Ready?
    • Preparing Your Pets For Emergencies
  • Bloat & More
    Emergencies & Health References

    • Emergencies Happen, Do You Have An Emergency Kit?
    • Bloat, the Mother of All Emergencies
    • Bloat Chart
    • Holters, Why We Do Them (GSD/IVA)
    • Vaccinations
    • Parasites : Worms
    • Parasites : Heartworms, Fleas & Ticks
  • More Information
    Additional Information & Resources


  • the BASIC pack is 57 pages (title sheet, 3 custom pages, and 53 information pages including the title page and section dividers)
  • pupPaks are delivered as combined PDF via email