In the test pedigree report packet you will notice an OTX Generation designation in the pedigrees. These are used as markers so that you are more easily able to tell where outcross appear in your pedigrees and what generation they are at.

This designation is for informational purposes only and has no bearing on registration. See the Outcross Report for more detailed information and links to the pedigrees of these dogs.

  • (ART) Artus – Trillium Artus zum Soehrewald
  • (BOZ) Boz – Behuter Von Hinterland
  • (CHA) Chaos – Briarwood Brutal Chaos-Selah
  • (COR) Cory – Von Bruin’s Courage
  • (DEV) Devaki – Haven’s Creek’s Devaki
  • (GAR) Garrison – Garrison Von Archezengel
  • (HEA) Heatherly’s Ebony Grizz
  • (JAK) Jake – Twincedars Desperado
  • (LEV) Levi – Glen Saxon’s Levi
  • (LUK) Luka – LastMountains Naluka Wakita
  • (MAR) Marshall – Kiesthaus Keeping the Peace Marshall
  • (MAW) Shiloh’s Secret Samson-Woo
  • (MID) Midnight of Kiesthaus
  • (ORB) Orbit – Hoof Print Orbit
  • (PHA) Phantom of Black Forest
  • (SHA) Shade – von Bruin’s Shade
  • (SHP) Shep – Aragorn vom Kraftwerk
  • (SON) Sony – Glorious Sony Hronvosky Pramen
  • (VIL) Vilk – Zdenek’s Vlcak of Zion
  • (XAN) Xander for MDSSK

Note: the new OTX percent is calculated off the % of blood of the above dogs as they are represented in a specific pedigree.

Additional OTX markings include,

  • *BW* Breed Warning; designation by ISSR & the breed founder on several dogs
  • (Fab4) Fabulous Four – the four foundation females to the breed
  • (F) Foundation Lines – includes CJ-Diamond Dynamite Lightening Bullet, Kind Kye-Ann Selah, Sierra’s Ryan Express Selah