Annual Subscription Opportunities Available!

The Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center ~the library has been become a premier resource for Shiloh owners and breeders alike. The dbS Project, Stud Gallery, and additional breeder resources are top destinations for visitors. 

Recently our provider has brought to our attention that the library has been experiencing critical surges in bandwidth use that far exceeds our hosting requirements. These surges are primarily in the breeder resources areas. In order to combat this issue, the library has developed a subscription plan for access to the more popular resources available. 

The goal is to continue to be a reliable resource of information on stud availability, statistical reports, and more while keeping within the technical parameters outlined by our provider.

Subscription packages have been developed with several options available. Funds collected will be used for continued site development and renewal of hard-cost resources necessary to keep the project live. Exclusive reports on a variety of topics will also be developed on a quarterly basis.

15% OFF … Breeder Gold, annual … valid 7/01/2024 to 7/30/2024 


$10 / 30 Days

The basics.
  • Stud Gallery
  • Stud Profiles


$75 / 1 Year

Designed with breeders in mind.
  • Stud Gallery & Profiles
  • 5 snapshot breeding reports
  • 2 pupPaks
  • Extras 


$150 / 1 Year

The best value.
  • Stud Gallery & Profiles
  • Exclusive website content
  • Special Reports & Presentations
  • Featured Breeder Profile
  • SPN Litter Announcements
  • 10 snapshot breeding reports
  • 1 relationship analysis report
  • 2 pupPaks
  • Extras

Extras include special presentations and reports.

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