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Calendar Season Is Here!

Help us celebrate our 19th year of the OurShilohs calendar project. Interested in having your Shiloh appear in next year’s calendar? We’re taking submissions until the end of October. We also have a puppy only calendar and an all-breed dog calendar.


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Matching parentage DNA on all breeding stock is essential so the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool remains true and verified. This is the Parentage/Genetic Marker Test, which is not be be confused with the Canine Genetic Diversity Test also offered by UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. Same company, different tests. In order complete the Parentage/Genetic Marker Test you will need to provide the DNA number for your dog’s sire and dam. If you need help with this, please contact us here at the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center.

The TSSR offers DNA kits at this special price to ALL Shiloh Shepherd owners, regardless of where they will be registering their dogs. [ORDER TODAY!!!]


We here at the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center would like to recognize our aging Shilohs with the “Shiloh Shepherd Longevity Certificate”.  Any Shiloh Shepherd is eligible on their 10th Birthday (or later).

Qualifying dogs are nominated by their owners with the submission of the required information. They will then receive a certificate of recognition complete with their photo and mini-family tree. Request your certificate [HERE]

Have you holtered a puppy?

Submit your results [HERE] to help compile data for the breed. Help us better understand how GSD IVA is affecting the Shiloh Shepherd.

Learn more about GSD IVA [HERE]

Annual Calendars