By special request, we now have a Stud Photo Gallery for stud owners which have opted to participate. NOTE: This is not a complete representation of all studs currently available. You must be logged in to view this content.


The Stud Project
This Stud Book Project is in cooperation with stud owners throughout the breed. ALL information provided on these studs is on an informational basis only and should NOT be substituted for that provided by the owner, the breeder, and/or their registry.

If you know of a status change or additional health data on any of these boys, please be sure to CONTACT THE TEAM

Searching the dbS for STUDS
  • login to to you dbS account
  • go to the search page
  • select stud as a search option
  • your search string options are “stud” (results in all dogs with a stud designation)
    • “stud-proven” (all live/intact studs with litters on the ground)
    • “stud-tested” (all tested and ready studs which have not sired a litter)
    • stud-untested (>3+ years)” (all of-age, untested potential studs)
    • “stud-future” (all potential studs < 3 years still growing and waiting to be tested)
    • “stud-emeritus” (frozen sperm only; dog can be either live/neutered or dead)
    • “pure” non-outcross lines (includes MAW lines) (results given regardless of breeding status)
    • “/f” foundation lines (results given regardless of breeding status)
Direct Search Links

Follow the Direct Link below to the various STUD SEARCHES (note: you will need to be logged into the dbS prior to clicking on these links to have them work properly).