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This project is an ongoing task to track and update information as it becomes available. We pledge to keep online version updated regularly. We cannot do that without your help.

Report data as you get it. It is much easier to remember this way vs. waiting to send it later.

Samples of data  we are looking for include, but are not limited to,

  • Do you have a new puppy? what is the call name, registered name, sex, date of birth (dob), breeder, etc.
  • Have you had a dog die? when (full date)? what was general cause?
  • Has one of your dogs developed a health issue? if so, what is it?
  • Have you recently holtered your puppy? what was the result?
  • Have you begun health testing? report as you receive each individual result.
  • Have you recently had a litter? report date of birth, number of puppies, number of boys, number of girls, number (if any) of stillborns.
  • Have new puppies gone to their homes? report their names (call names are fine) and locations (we use this info in case of missing dogs, rehomes etc)
  • Have any of your progeny had health testing completed? please report any and all data.

Helpful info on how to submit your data:

NEW Data
  • Select NEW data on the Data Submission Form
  • Complete all applicable fields; only those starred items are required.
UPDATE and/or Correct Existing Data
  • Select NEW on the Data Submission Form
  • full name & call name of dog, date of birth, sire and dam (required)
  • detail of what needs to be changed
  • detail of what needs to added
  • for all health reports, please include a form # and data or indicate if the test is preliminary
How to enter dates...
  • If unknown, please enter 12/31/99 in that field and leave a note in comments section letting us know that the date is unknown
  • If only year is known; enter 1/1/YYYY and leave a note in comments section
  • If only month & year is known; enter MM/1/YYYY and leave a note in comments section
  • If leaving date notes in comments section; be sure to distinquish if date of birth or date of death
Large Amount of Data? or you don't want to use the form?

Not a problem. You don’t have to use the form. Simply send an email containing the information to:

  • include Shiloh Pedigree db in the subject line

Submission Forms:

LITTER Submission Form

dbS Litter Submission Form

  • 1-F pink girl, sable plush, Jane, Cleveland OH;
    2-M blue boy, black/cream smooth, Max, New York NY;
    3-F yellow girl, sable smooth, Daisy, Seattle WA
    note: if all one coat type in litter, no need to detail per puppy


include any additional comments as well (i.e. number of still born and/or number died in nest)

DATA Submission Form
Data Submission Form
Submission Type
Your Name
Your Name
if unknown, kennel of origin and call name is sufficient
registered name preferred; however, kennel of origin + call name is fine; if unknown, say "unknown"
registered name preferred; however, kennel of origin + call name is fine; if unknown, say "unknown"
coat type