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This Shiloh Shepherd database includes their ancestors (the German Shepherd Dog) and any outcrosses used in their development (including White Shepherd, Alte Deutsche Shaeferhund, etc.).

The information contained herein this database is provided by a variety of sources , included but not limited to, pedigrees, websites, verbal and written communications. While the Shiloh Shepherd Pedigree Project believes the information to be accurate, it does not guarantee its accuracy and assumes no liability to anyone for error.

work in progress

This project is a continual work in progress. By combining information from a variety of sources, breeders and buyers can have easy access to a larger set of data rather than depending on individual breeders information.

This project is a working database used to track information beyond just the names in the tree. It is an ongoing task to track and update information as it becomes available. This online version will be updated regularly. Consequently all information expressed herein is subject to change without notice.

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When you go back in time, the data may be less accurate, because the sources that were used are less accurate.

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