reference articles

Additional information articles for reference:

  • A Beginners Guide to COI by Jemima Harrison on Dog Breed Health : “COI stands for Coefficient of Inbreeding. Essentially, it measures the common ancestors of dam and sire, and indicates the probability of how genetically similar they are.” [read more]
  • Conformation-related Welfare Problems on Dog Breed Health : a variety of issues related to conformation are listed and discussed.
  • PedigreeDatabase German Shepherd Dog – the premium pedigree site for researching German Shepherd pedigrees.
  • Our Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees – This website features pictures and pedigrees of the owner’s two Shiloh Shepherds. Many of the historic Shilohs are represented.
  • Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees are also featured on many of the individual breeder and fancier websites.