Whether buying a Shiloh Shepherd or other pure bred dog, this Buyer’s Checklist can help navigate the questions to ask and expectations to have before your purchase.


We are currently working with our Breeders to enhance this Buyer’s Checklist so that when looking for a new PUPPY, you have the tools to find the Breeder that is right for YOU. 

  • Start with a review of the Breed you are looking to buy to make sure it is right for you.
    • For Shiloh Shepherds visit our About Section with FAQ’s [HERE] to learn more.
  • Health Testing is the hallmark of the Shiloh Shepherd.
    • Parent’s full names, call names, their sire/dam, date of birth, health testing results should appear in all litter announcements.
    • Passing health testing as required by the breeder’s registry and the actual results should always be expected and posted with their litter announcement, not simply that they have been tested and pass.
    • Your prospective breeder should have no problem producing copies health testing results for the breeding pair. 
  • What to look for in litter advertisements.
    • Parent’s full names, call names, their sire/dam, health testing results.
    • A verifiable pedigree is also a hallmark of this breed. Knowing the sire/dam of the breeding pair helps to verify this.
    • Photos of the breeding pair.
  • What to expect for health testing.
    • Passing health testing as required by the breeder’s registry. 
    • Visit our Health Screening page [HERE] for an explanation of the requirements for the Shiloh Shepherd.
    • A verbal response that they have been tested and passed is not enough.
    • If health testing results by OFA, you can visit to review.
  • Questions to ask breeders.
    • What are some of the more common health problems within the breed?
    • What are you doing to help reduce health issues within the breed? in your puppies?
    • What are the health screening tests you perform on your dogs and why?
    • Where can I see the results of the health testing you have completed for your dogs?
    • Can I meet the sire and dam of this litter (if geographically possible)?
    • Can I see the registrations and pedigrees for both the sire and dam?
    • Where do you register your Shilohs?
      • Once you have this information, you can follow-up with their registry for references.
  • Things to be ready for:
    • Veterinarian practices are in a crisis world-wide [article]. Make sure you have a vet ready to accept your new pet.  

BEWARE of backyard breeders selling unregistered pure bred dogs, from parents who have not been health tested and who are not registered as breedable, “just for pets.”
There are many unscrupulous people out there who care nothing about improving a breed, or maintaining health and temperament, and only want to make money.
When considering a puppy, don’t hesitate to ask the breeder for copies of health clearances, DNA, and registration paperwork for the sire and dam. It is your right to be provided with this information!