Health Screening

Breeding the best possible candidates is the pride of a breeder.  Many go above and beyond the minimum requirements of their registry. Visit the Health Center for more information.

Required Health Testing

  • Heart/Cardiac- 
    • OFA Normal
      (12-24M+ required by TSSR & WSSBA; at least veterinarian auscultation testimony required by ISSA)
    • Cardiac Echo for structural defects (SAS, etc.), optional
    • Cardiac Holter Monitoring for electrical activity (VT, IVT, GSD/IVA, etc),
      recommend 7-9M for breeding dogs (by Dr Sammarco, Alba Medical), optional
      required by ISSA, NSBR, & TSSR
  • Hips –
    • one of the following is required
    • PennHip 18M+
      (0.50 or less with no DJD required for TSSR, NSBR, & WSSBA; 0.50 or less with no DJD at 10M is required for ISSA)
      (0.55+ with no DJD must also present OFA 24M Fair, Good or Excellent rating for NSBR)
    • OFA 24M+ with a Fair, Good or Excellent rating with no DJD/OA
      (required by both TSSR, NSBR, & WSSBA; OFA 12M+ required for ISSA)
    • OFA 12M+ 
    • OVC Normal 24M+
      (required by both TSSR, NSBR, & WSSBA)

Additional Testing Recommended

  • Cardiac Holter Monitoring
    • required by ISSA, NSBR, & TSSR; recommended for other Shiloh registries
    • Recommended and/or Required by many Breeders
    • Typically tested between 4 to 9 months, no later than 12 months (required by ISSA. & TSSR)
  • DM – Genetic Degenerative Myelopathy
    • optional test, not required by most Shiloh Registries (required by ISSA)
    • OFA normal
    • OFA carrier (recommended breeding only to a normal)
    • OFA affected (very small percentage of those tested; does not guarantee the disease will present)
    • Normal/Normal via parentage (both parents have been cleared)
    • learn more [HERE]
  • Elbows
    • optional test, not required by most Shiloh Registries
    • OFA Normal, preliminary tests accepted, finals (24M) recommended (required by WSSBA)
  • Eyes
    • optional test, not required
    • CERF Normal, OFA recommends annual testing
    • checks for pannus and other eye related issues
  • Thyroid
    • optional test, not required; 
    • OFA Normal
  • TLI (EPI screening)
    • optional test, not required
    • 5.7 to 45.2 considered normal

Additional requirements for breeding dogs

  • DNA for parentage
    • required for TSSR, NSBR, WSSBA, & ISSA
    • note: DNA for sire & dam must be on file with UC Davis & their number(s) submitted with your application in order for UC Davis to match to parent(s)
    • DNA testing, general, not currently required by any registry
      • this is NOT DNA for parentage
      • provided by Embark, Wisdom Panel, MydogDNA/Optimal Selection, etc. and screens for a variety of genetic diseases 
        • Embark will confirm parentage IF both parents are also tested with Embark (health+breed)
  • Height Certification
    • required for TSSR, NSBR, WSSBA & ISSA
    • 28″+ for males
    • 26″+ for females
  • Temperament Testing
    • at least one of the following is required for TSSR & ISSA
    • Approved Temperament Test
    • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
    • Canine Good Neighbor (CGN)
    • Therapy Dogs International (TDI) or equivalent

Health Screening:

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