Gallery Submissions

We Want You! Your pictures at least. This site cannot exist without the help of our viewers. Interested in adding your Shiloh to any one of our Galleries? or to our homepage Feature Links? Read Below.

Photo requirements for feature pictures:

  • no people (these are dog calendars, people detract from the goal)
  • uncluttered backgrounds (even the pros miss this sometimes; a great picture of your dog isn’t as flattering if there orange construction fence in the background; unless you are an expert, DO NOT “paint” out the backgrounds)
  • be on level with your subject (that means you need to get down low) (being level gives your subject a more flattering look; some artsy angles are considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • outdoor photos preferred and encouraged (you get better light outdoors and it also reduces the chances of “eye-glow”)
  • good, clean, clear focus is a must (blurry photos cannot be used)
  • landscape orientation is preferred (sideways, wider than tall; this gives more opportunity to fit in the variety of sizes used in the calendars; that means if you’re using a camera phone, turn it sideways)
  • leashes – what to do about them? (when taking your pictures, try to make the leash as hidden as possible; staff has the tools necessary to remove them from the photo)
  • camera phones are ok as long as they meet the qualifications above. 

What to submit:

  • original size photo (we need clear, high resolution, photos for print work; working with the original size photo that comes off your camera gives more opportunity that your photo makes the requirements)
  • uncropped (we have a variety of size requirements for the different calendars, sending a cropped photo limits where it can be used, thus limits the chances your photo makes the calendar)
  • unedited photos (some light post-production is acceptable; don’t over sharpen or over saturate as it can detract from the rest of the project; photoshopped composites will not be accepted)

When to submit:

Don’t wait for an announcement. Photos are collected throughout the year. Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Seasons
    • winter
    • spring
    • summer
    • fall
  • Holidays
    • Easter
    • Halloween
    • Christmas

Where to submit: