Una/Cam :arrived

b. October 7, 2020
Genesis Shilohs, North Carolina
1 boy, 4 girls; all plush


rbCH High Caliber’s Power Surge
aka Cam
b. February 3, 2013 | black/silver plush
sire: bCHptd Bolo’s Cosmic Polar Bear TT, HIT
dam: TD NS rbCH Caliber’s Kiana Kulani of CJ CGC, TT, ROM
height/weight: 28.5″ 91lbs
hips: PennHIP L 0.23 R 0.26 (>90th percentile)
elbow: OFA Normal 18M
heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA499/37M/C-VPI-ECHO,
and cardiac holter (1,0,0), 7M
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH265/18M-VPI
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE37/37M-VPI; 2016
TLI 17 ug/L, 9/3/2014
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM274/19M-VPI


Genesis’ White Wave
aka Una
b. June 1, 2016 | brown sable plush
sire: bCHptd Zephyr’s Full Throttle RSS CGN, TOPC
dam: jrCH Genesis A Touch of Paradise
height/weight: 26″ 95lbs 
hips: OFA Fair SLH-928F28F-VPI
heart: holter (0,0,0) 7M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-ACA39/28F-VPI (Echo)
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH328/28F-VPI
DM Normal GenSol #162526, 3/25/2020

this Genesis co-own litter is located in Raleigh NC

Michelle Bowler, Genesis Shilohs
website: www.genesisshilohs.com
email: michelle@genesisshilohs.com