Basalt Rock of Solace
aka Rock
b. April 30, 2014 | black plush
sire: Solace’s Scirocco Wind of Epic
dam: Solace’s Te Kila Sonrise v Kai
height/weight: 31″ 118lbs
hips: OFA Good (P/L 15M)
heart: holter (2,0,0) 9M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-CA689/74M/P-VPI
dm: Normal; DDC #141722, 9/15/2017

OTX: (ART4/ART4) 17.19%
IC 12.39%

STUD-proven (h/c <12)
live cover, fresh chill, frozen
Washington State

Laura Kathryn, Solace Shilohs
Washington State

Solace’s Scirocco Wind of Epic (Scirocco) (ART3/HEA5/ORB5) bCHptd Visions Deep Dark Still Waters (Nero) (ART2/HEA4) GV NS bCanCH Vision’s Chain Of Command CGC, TDI, ROM (Chain) (ART1)
bCHptd Vision’s Kira-Belle of Zion (Kira-Belle (Kera)) (HEA3)
bCHptd Zion’s Once Upon a Time Epic (Story) (ORB4/ART5) Zion’s Rufus (Rufus) (MAW3)
Zion’s Maggie of Sun Devil (Loki) (Maggie) (ORB3/ART4)
Solace’s Te Kila Sonrise v Kai (Kila) (ART3) Xerxes King of Solace (Zeke) (ART5) Gryphyn of Solace CGC (Gryphyn) (ART4)
Starlight’s Nieko of Danica CGC, TDI (Nieko)
Guardian Angel Pica of Solace (Pica) (ART2) Nisga’a of Northern Lights (Nisga’a) *BW*
Guardians Lina Of Zion (Lina) (ART1)