Orchard Hills Mojo HCS, CGC
aka Mojo
b. June 21, 2020 | black/cream plush
sire: GV NS bCH Hill Country Ares TT
dam: Stonecolds Southern Breeze of Lorn
height/weight: 28″ 97lbs
hips: OFA Fair SLH-1160F24M-C-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL931M24-C-VPI
heart: holter (13,0,0) 8M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-ACA117/24M-VPI (Echo)
DM Normal/Normal UCD
DNA TSS662 (P2)

OTX: (ART5) 20.70%
IC 18.65%

live cover, fresh chill

Jay & Heather Bethune Shilohs

Ares (GV NS bCH Hill Country Ares TT), (ART4/ART5) Gibbs (Whitefang-Zion Give It Bac Boy ), (ART3/HEA5/ORB5) Kuma (NS bCH Zion’s Vision for WhiteFang CGC), (ART2/HEA4)
Queen (Zion-Acers Wild Queen O’Hearts ), (ART5/ORB4)
Abby (Zion’s Artic Storm’n Abby ), (ART4/ORB5/ART5/ORB4) Quest (T’N’L’S Eternal Quest of Zion ), (ART3/ORB4/ART4)
Snow (Smoke ‘N Embers Snow of Zion ), (ORB3)
Breeze (Stonecolds Southern Breeze of Lorn ), (ART5/ORB5/ART5) Marco (GVx3 NS bCH Marco Polo Explorer From Zion TT), (ART4/ORB5/ART5/ORB5/ART5) Quest (T’N’L’S Eternal Quest of Zion ), (ART3/ORB4/ART4)
Hope (Zion’s Hope for the Future TT), (ART5/ORB4/ART4)
Rumor (Zion’s Rumor Has It ), (ORB4/ART5/ART4/ORB5/ART5) Moose (NS bCH Zions Gold’n Moose Of Richhill ), (ORB3/ART4/ART3)
Suka (Zion’s Perfect Suka ), (ORB4/ART4)