RH Peak’s Kaos of Anarchy Zion
aka Kaos
b. May 11, 2019 | bi-black sable/silver plush
sire: Solace’s Scirocco Wind of Epic
dam: Zion’s Spice It Up
height/weight: 28″ 96lbs
hips: OFA Excellent SLH-1139E34M-C-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL907M34-C-VPI
heart: OFA Normal SLH-BCA52/34M/P-VPI
DM Carrier, DDC #182359

OTX: (ART4) 17.97%
IC 12.35%

STUD-proven; Black(2,d)
live cover, fresh chill

Karen Faith, Rich Hill Shilohs
email: karen62457@yahoo.com

Solace’s Scirocco Wind of Epic (Scirocco) (ART3/HEA5/ORB5) bCHptd Visions Deep Dark Still Waters (Nero) (ART2/HEA4) GV NS bCanCH Vision’s Chain Of Command CGC, TDI, ROM (Chain) (ART1)
bCHptd Vision’s Kira-Belle of Zion (Kira-Belle (Kera)) (HEA3)
bCHptd Zion’s Once Upon a Time Epic (Story) (ORB4/ART5) Zion’s Rufus (Rufus) (MAW3)
Zion’s Maggie of Sun Devil (Loki) (Maggie) (ORB3/ART4)
Zion’s Spice It Up (Spice) (ART5) Solace’s Vandagriff CGC, HIC, HT, PT, HSAs (Vandagriff (Griff)) (ORB5/ORB5/HEA5) Dayspring’s Dashing Asher (Kojak (Asher)) (ORB4)
Tekoa Land of Solace (Tekoa) (ORB4/HEA4/ART5)
Matt’s Special Char for Zion (Char (Flair)) (ART4/ORB5/ART5/ORB5/ART5) T’N’L’S Eternal Quest of Zion (Quest) (ART3/ORB4/ART4)
Zion’s Hope for the Future TT (Hope) (ART5/ORB4/ART4)