Population Study 2010-2019

Question: Do we know roughly how many Shilohs there are living today?

Answer: The number of Shilohs that are living today would be difficult, if not impossible, to state accurately. But that would be true of any breed, anywhere.

Due to the collaborative work of a large number of breeders and Shiloh owners on this project we are, however, able to produce a population study with the information we do have.

Population Data – information reflects data recorded from 2010 to 2019 

Total litters recorded between 2010-2019 915 litters
Total viable puppies  5607 viable puppies
Number of litters without a puppy count 63 litters (6.8%) without puppy count
Average litters per year 91.5 litters
Average puppies per year 561 puppies

Death – Due to their size and mass, it seems that extra large breeds have a tendency to age faster than other breeds. Shiloh Shepherds are no exception. Tracking the longevity of our Shilohs is a very important part of the mission of the Shiloh Shepherd Pedigree Project. This information is invaluable to the breeders for them to see the longevity of the dogs within the breed. The trend seems to be that we lose many of our Shilohs between 8 and 11 yrs of age due to a wide variety of causes and not any particular ailment. That said we have a nice group of Shilohs that have made it to 12, 13, and even 14 years old. There are currently 11 Shilohs recorded that have made it to their 14th birthday, with the oldest making it to 14yrs 8mos. [more info & to report]

It is important to note that we do have some breeders that make a great effort to not report their litter information (whether it be directly, on their websites, social media, etc.). As collaborators, we do the best we can with the information we discover. The team does a pretty good job and we couldn’t do it without all of you. [submit data]

dated: 12/29/2019


  • while most litters have puppy counts, there are some that have an estimated total known and a very small percentage have no counts reported
  • a few breeders do not report their litters, thus a percentage overall data comes from litter announcements and hearsay reports
  • viable puppies denotes surviving pups not counting stillborns or fail to thrive
  • this data is subject to change as additional litters and/or litter details are added as they are discovered