GV NS abCH Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion CGC, ROM 21980

aka Shep
August 23, 1991 – June 10, 2000  | brown sable plush
sire: Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquash, ROM
dam: bCH Shiloh-Kari’s Steel Saber, TT, ROM
height/weight: 29.5″ 127lbs
hips: GDC Good 12216, 22M, and
PH L 0.24 R 0.28, no DJD; 73M and,
OFA Good SLH-6G41M
DNA D960058
ISSR GOL-C1-9008; ISSDC/r 50003

His tribute at Destined to be Remembered..

The day I arrived to pick up Phantom, I walked the “kennels” to once again see the dogs. “Shep” GV abCH Bionic Black Smoke of Zion. The majestic, Grand Victor, sire of over 20 litters, highest ROM, etc. was shoved away in one of the very back kennels. I had a hard time even finding him, his kennel was over grown with weeds all around it, he could barely see out, or me in. As I peered into his kennel he was hardly recognizable. That proud carriage was not there, it was replaced with a dog whose coat was covered in mud and feces. When I called him to me and looked into his eyes they looked back with a dead stare. I wanted to grab him and leave.

My heart broke for all the dogs, but this boy was very special to me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and decided right then and there I would find a way to get him out of there. The owner was not there that day so I called her the following morning and asked her what she would take for me to buy Shep. Her first response was, “what do you want him for”, after all he had just turned six? Calmly I told her that I just loved him and wanted him. She shook her head and told me she had no idea why, that he didn’t compare to Laz. Lucky for me she clearly showed she had no use for him and agreed to let me buy him without hesitation. At that time she could have asked just about anything, I just wanted to free Shep from that existence.

I went right back up and got him. The next day I met my friend, Judy at her house and we bathed him and bathed him to get the filth off. He had horrible diarrhea and was skin and bones so next, off to the Vet we went. He had every imaginable parasite that took months of repeated wormings to finally get him worm free. With good food and the worms gone he finally started gaining weight. I also knew some questioned his hips so I took him in and had him Penn Hip’d. He had great hips 🙂

Shep was now a happy spoiled house dog. He held his head high again, his coat had a shine to it, he learned how to play with toys, he was one happy boy!

Unfortunately this was short lived. Seven months after I rescued Shep he became ill. It showed first in his front legs, then his rear. He had every imaginable blood test, was x-rayed from head to tow, had a myelogram, and I consulted with a number of specialists. No one could find anything wrong. The only thing that showed during all of the tests was a broken transverse process in the cervical spine. All the Vets said it was an old injury, had years of calcification and felt it had nothing to do with his symptoms. They felt it looked like an injury from having his neck slammed in a door (gate) or something years previous.

While my heart was breaking and I was spending a fortune trying to find out what was wrong with Shep, his breeder kept telling me she wanted to breed him. Needless to say I said no. Then it was “well at least get him collected”, again I explained we had no idea what was wrong with him and I wouldn’t risk hurting him further. I also told her that he already had over 20 litters and if this was something genetic I would not permit him to sire more. I was harrassed constantly about her wanting to breed him, and I remained firm that due to his health and the health of any future puppies I would not allow it.

There were many “discussions” but the end result was a lawsuit. The judge took the documents I had in hand and ruled that I had fulfilled 3 of the 4 pups owed. Thus, I owed one more puppy. Since I would not give her another puppy, judgment was for me to pay for the remaining pup. Some may think I lost this case, but not me. Shep was saved. As much as it broke my heart, many people convinced me that his breeder was very angry and Shep would not be safe at my home. I needed him safe and that is when Colleen Gott agreed to finish what I had started and let him live the remainder of his life in Texas with her family as a spoiled house dog. I will always be eternally grateful for all she did for Shep.

Shep continued to deteriorate, he was taken to Texas A&M, they, too, could not determine what was the cause of his condition either. They explained there are a number of unnamed neurological conditions and that is what they felt was his diagnosis. Shep soon died in his sleep and is now buried under his favorite tree.

As much as I still miss Shep, I take peace in the fact that he at least got to live his deserving last two years as the special dog he was. So many have been blessed with Shep’s progeny, with the likes of Lobo, Orso (and all the other famous Shep/Trinka offspring), Mya, Atlas, Pitanna, Sharona, Warrior, Sasq II, and many more. For me, I see Shep everyday in his grandson, Gazer. I feel his spirit is still with me, and I am blessed to have shared part of my life with Shep. One day I will see him again and will be able to wrap my arms around his neck and once again tell him how much I love him.

~Patti Schaefer, Shenandoah Shilohs

  • Highest ROM of All Shilohs as of 2006
  • Bred at least 21 times.
    • 38 (13M, 25F) move forward (at least)
      • 3M continue to move forward via frozen sperm (need update on this)
        • Lobo, Mac, & Sir Muki 
  • Breeding with Mona (Morris’ Good Morning Mona) is notable
    • b. 6/2/1995 – approx 11 puppies born; 3 viable (1M 2F)
      • SasqII (Betterway’s Tribute to Sasquatch)
        • Bred at least 15 times
        • 7 (4M, 3F) moved forward (at least)
        • Including, Ace, Mac, Tigger, & Sierra
      • Kiva (Roaring Rocks Zion Kiva of BWS)
        • 4 Litters
        • 1F moved forward (Sunnie)
  • Breedings with Trinka (Windsong’s Katrinka D’Shiloh) are fundamental to the history of Shiloh Shepherds
    • Litter 1 b. 1/26/1994 – 6 puppies; 3 boys, 3 girls; all plush
      • 2F, 2M moved forward
      • Keena (Arizona’s Keena of Windsong)
        • 2 litters, none moved forward
      • Lobo (CJ’s Lobo Amado De Windsong) 
        • 30 litters at least; 
        • 29 (9M, 20F) moved forward, at least
        • Including, Tawnee, Bello, Tuesday, Lacey, Chewie, Dylan, Sampson, Zoey, Elvis, Jessie, Keeper, Lobo Jr, Velkan, & Vida
      • Orso (Freestates Orso Of Windsong)
        • 6 litters at least
        • 10 (4M, 6F) moved forward, at least
        • Including Ursa (Freestates Gift of Love to Zion)
      • Nikabear (Sunstar’s Nikabear Of Windsong)
        • 2 litters, 5 moved forward
    • Litter 2 b. 10/31/1994 – 
      • Angel (Desert Windsong’s Ebony Angel)
        • 3 litters; 3F, 1M moved forward
        • Including Rage, Jessa, Arthur & Nellie
    • Litter 3 b. 8/18/1996 
      • Stoney (Danica’s Greystone Of Windsong) 
        • 8 litters (at least); 3F, 2M moved forward
        • Including Nieko, Casi, Simba, & Nikita
      • Savvy (Sky’s Savannah of Windsong)
        • 4 litters; none known to have moved forward
      • Atlas (Windsong’s Darkstar Atlas Gemini)
          • 1 litter; 1F moved forward
          • Star (Gemini’s Destiny Star) dam to Gemini’s Apollo Rocket
      • Raider (Windsong’s Midknight Raider)
        • 2 litters; 2F moved forward
        • Chili (Raid The Wind Four Alarm Chili) – 2 litters, 2F moved forward
          • 1F Sequoia (Raid the Winds Sweet Sequoia), 2 litters (1F, 3M moved forward); including Nimbus (Sequoia/Storm) & Taramack (Sequoia/Luke)
  • Health on progeny: 
    • Hips – produced wide swing from excellent PH to severe HD
    • Heart – official clearances were not common for this generation