bivCH Morris Good Morning Mona, ROM


aka Mona
August 4, 1988 ~ October 24, 2001
13yrs 3mos – dark black/cream plush
sire: Shiloh-Guardian Still Smokin’ SAR, ROM
dam: Super Sweet Sabrina Selah ROM
height/weight: 28″ 120lbs
hips: OFA Good (P/L)
AKC D799180 (3-90); ISSR GOL-C1-9023

Her tribute at Destined to be Remembered..

Mona sits very prominently in the history of the Shiloh Shepherd with many pedigrees tracing back to her. Registered as an AKC German Shepherd prior to being registered as Shiloh Shepherd after the breed became recognized as a Rare Breed in 1991, Mona was bred by Alice Fisher of Selah Shepherds.

Mona was very typical of an “old world-style” German Shepherd. She was oversized (above standard) huge boned, huge headed with a huge, square body and an unwavering sense of loyalty, protection, and at all times, very trustworthy and gentle.

She was a true herding dog and in the last few years of her long, wonderful life, she adopted an orphaned baby goat, a flock of chicks and quite a few human children! She took her job of foster parenting very seriously, taking great care of all her children.

Mona was full of life till the very end, loving to sneak up from the side or from behind and nip us on the thigh and then spin around with a very mischievous look, waiting for us to chase her. She still loved to play ball and loved to go for nice slow walks in the pastures and down to the creek as she got older.

We loved Mona dearly and feel blessed to have had her in our house and raising our kids, canine and human alike. She will forever be a part of our hearts and her great big bear hugs are still missed tremendously.

~Robert & Colleen Gott, Paragon Shilohs

  • Owned by several different people, at different times
    • Alice Fisher, Selah Shepherds, her breeder
    • Tina Barber, New Zion Shilohs
    • Stephen Betcher, Betterways Kennel
    • Colleen Gott, Paragon Shilohs
  • Bred at least 6 times.
    • 13 (3M, 10F) move forward (at least)
  • Breedings with Shane (Shiloh’s Easy Rider) are fundamental to the history of Shiloh Shepherds
    • Litter 1 b. 11/17/1989
      • 2M, 1F moved forward
        • Cisco (Fisher’s Cisco Kid Spectacular)
        • Torrey (Rider’s Torrey Of Shiloh)
        • Sask (Shiloh’s Wolfin Sasquach) 
          • original Sask, 1/2 sibling to Sasq II (Mona/Shep)
    • Litter 2 b. 9/16/1991 – 
      • 3F moved forward
        • Mega (Agape’s O’Mega Selah) 
        • Molly (Jnk’s Molly Our-Tribute To Shane)
          • Molly is dam to Goldie (JnK’s Golden Nugget of Zion) who was bred to Hoofprint Orbit 
        • Mistie (K-Sura’s Mistie Weather V Zion) *
          • Mistie went on to be bred with Laz (Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion) three times and produced several progeny that can still be seen in current pedigrees. Taz, Raven, Tia, Freddie, Zena, Kari, & Saber to name a few.
  • Breeding with Shep (Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion) is notable
    • b. 6/2/1995 – approx 11 puppies born; 3 viable (1M 2F)
      • SasqII (Betterway’s Tribute to Sasquatch)
        • Bred at least 15 times
        • 7 (4M, 3F) moved forward (at least)
        • Including, Ace, Mac, Tigger, & Sierra
      • Kiva (Roaring Rocks Zion Kiva of BWS)
        • 4 Litters
        • 1F moved forward (Sunnie)
  • Health on progeny: 
    • Hips – produced wide swing from excellent PH to CHD
    • Heart – official clearances were not common for this generation