MAW = “M” referring to Malamute, “A” for American Show-line GSD, and “W” for White Shepherd.

The acronym MAW is used in reference to an outcross used by Tina Barber named Shiloh’s Secret Samson Woo. 

Shiloh’s Secret Samson-Woo


  • breed: Malamute-German Shepherd Cross
  • 1986 ~ 2000; gray sable smooth (date of birth and date of death are approximate)
  • 31″ 142# (approximate)
  • hips: recorded as excellent (unable to verify)

Samson-Woo’s heritage is the source of much speculation and rumor:

  • There has been a persistent rumor of Samson-Woo being part wolf, but no evidence to-date, supports this claim.
  • He is alleged to have been born in a satellite breeding program to produce screen doubles for the TV show “The Littlest Hobo”.
  • There has been no evidence shown that he is a direct descendent of the famous London. 
  • owned by Tina Barber, New Zion Shilohs
  • registry used by: ISSR, 3 litters

He was bred to three bitches, Deligh-La, Sabrina, and Gina. We see each of these lines carried forward throughout our breed.

  • Litter 1 – b. 2/21/1991
    dam: Deligh-La (Da-Jo’s Deligh-La) 
    6 puppies total – 1F moved forward

    • 1F Nikita (JnK’s Nikita Mountain More) moved forward
      • Nikita was bred to Tonka Bear (Jnk’s Master Tonka Bear), 8/20/1993
        • 1M, Rugger (JnK’s Ramblin Rugger) moved forward
          • Rugger was bred to Molly (Jnk’s Molly Our-Tribute To Shane), 8/5/1995
            • 1F, Goldie (Jnk’s Golden Nugget Of Zion) moved forward with 5 litters :: you will see her in our pedigrees to this day in the later generations. Goldie’s original papers had a major breed warning about producing heart issues. This is the only bitch that moved forward. She was bred to the outcross, Hoofprint Orbit.
  • Litter 2 – b. 3/2/1991 
    dam: Sabrina (Super Sweet Sabrina Selah)
    4 puppies, The Mountain Dogs (Goliath, Sheba, Bria and Snow) – all moved forward

    • This is the most famous combination and the pedigree that had the greatest influence on our breed as all 4 moved forward into the breeding program. Each of the Mountain Dogs offered the breed their own unique strengths to each of their breedings. At least one of these dogs is almost guaranteed to be in many of current Shiloh pedigrees.
      • Goliath (Bob’s Mountain Goliath Of Zion) – bred at least 5 times 
        • Panda (Chateau the Chief Panda Betcher) – Mona/Goliath; 1 litter, at least 1F & 1M moved forward; Panda is one of the foundation dogs for King Shepherds
          • 1F, Freyia (Asgard’s Freyia of Betterways) (Panda/Thor) continues to show up in many pedigrees to-date through her son, Asgard Samson
        • Roxie (Jnk’s Foxie Roxie Lady) – Mona/Goliath; 3 litters, 5F moved forward
          • 1F, Ruja (Jnk’s Color Me Cujo of Zion) continues to show up in many pedigrees to-date through her son, Blue (Zion’s Color-Me Blue)
          • 1F, Mya (Shenandoah Mountain Mya Of Jnk) continues to show up in many pedigrees through her daughter, Skye (Catoctin’s MySkye of Shenandoah), whose daughter, Shy (Catoctin’s Shining Star) is the dam of Carter, Luke, & Jefe. All 3 of these boys show up in many current pedigrees.
        • Lady (Mona’s Lady Of Better-Ways) – Mona/Goliath; 1 litter; 2F moved forward
          • Neither of the girls that moved forward went beyond 1 litter each; none of their progeny are known to have moved beyond that.
        • Lisa (Mona’s Lisa Of Better-Ways) – Mona/Goliath; 4 litters; 5F moved forward
          • None Lisa’s girls moved forward in a big way and have little influence on current pedigrees.
      • Bria (Mountain Bria of Zion) –  bred at least 5 times
        • 1F, Yetti (Zion’s Mountain Yetti-Janai) – Bria/Pax; 2 litters; 1M moved forward
          • 1M Bullet (Shenandoah-Zion Silver Bullet) continues to show up in many pedigrees due to his pairing with Onyx (Tessa/Bear); 1 litter; 1F, 1M moved forward
            • 1F Suna (Highlanders Sunawavi Of Zion); 3 litters with Mygic; 1F, 1M moved forward
              • 1F Fina, is dam to Delyla, Shayne, and Tory which moved forward and can be found in several current pedigrees
              • 1M Tazer, is sire to most notably Aslan, Tanna, Sluggo, Asher which move forward and can be found in many current pedigrees primarily within ISSR & ISSA
            • 1M Kit (Zion’s Knight-Rider Kit); 4 litters; 3F, 2M moved forward
              • 1F Kohl (Venus/Kit), 4 litters, 3F moved forward in a limited way
              • 1F Kangee (Venus/Kit), 2 litters, 1F 1M moved forward; notably Bo & Dreamer
              • 1M Kilian (Venus/Kit), 11 litters, 3F 3M moved forward; notably Joker, Kitty, Maggie, Zephyr, & Kiva .
              • All 3 of these dogs have several generations of progeny that continue to be seen in current pedigrees.
              • The Venus/Kit pairing was a unique case of solid white and solid black coloring (see color-factor report, black & white unique cases)
                • Venus (white) produced 3 solid blacks when paired with Kit (sable)
                • Kangee (black) produced solid black puppies; her daughter Dreamer (black) produced both solid black and solid white puppies even in the same litter
                • Kilian (sable) produced both solid black and solid white puppies with a variety of dams
  • Litter 3 – b. 3/20/1992 
    dam: Gina (Beamo’s Gina-Two)
    1 singleton puppy; 1F moved forward

    • Sarah (Zion’s Kick-Az-Sarah) – 1 litter; 1F moved forward
      • 1F Kim (Zion’s Time-Travel-N-Kim) – Sarah/Grizz; 1 litter
        • 1F Mali-Woo (Kim/Goliath, a double MAW breeding) was bred to Jack; 1M Rufus b. 1999 was discovered still intact in 2008, was bred to Maggie and 2F moved forward 
          • 1F Story (Zion’s Once Upon a Time Epic) is dam to Rocky & Scirocco who appear in many current pedigrees