what's new
  • Faster speeds with the software and server upgrades.
  • Mobile friendly login and health pages.
  • Search Results
    • color marks appear in search results
    • links to variety of page options for each result
  • OTX designation and % to main page headers
  • 4G photos in pedigrees
  • OTX added to pedigrees (color marks coming soon)
  • Test Pedigree is significantly faster
    • both sire/dam fields now have search functions so easier to find dogs if only part of  registered name is known
      • i.e. when searching for “wild” in sire side, result will show all dogs containing “wild”
      • search button is directly to the right of the input field, then
      • use the drop down field to select the dog you want, and then
      • repeat for the dam
    • once trial pedigree is generated, you can print as PDF
      • ctrl+P and select destination as “save as PDF”
      • if using google chrome, the page will automatically resize to width
      • photos will be included in print out.
  • v. 9/20/2020 
a work in progress

We’re still working on a few things. Please have patience while we continue to work.

  • ADD COI % field to health data sheet
  • ADD Colored marks for quick reference to health data sheet and pedigrees
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the results
  • website hosting renewed, 5-year term 
  • website domains renewed, 5-year term each 
  • the online pedigree program has been upgraded
  • upgrade of the database management program is a continued work in progress
thank you

Thank you to our sponsors that stepped up and helped make these improvements happen. We couldn’t have done it without you.