We’re all adults and shouldn’t need Rules of Conduct to play nice. Alas, it looks like we really do. Please familiarize yourself with them and understand that you are agreeing to them by requesting access to this project.


Persons that have agreed to contribute to the project. In return, they have access to the information either online, personal conversation with staff or via requests for test breeding reports. In order to be a collaborator in good standing, you agree to

  • Maintain contact with staff regularly by submitting new data or at least telling staff that you have nothing new to report (at minimum every 30 days)
  • Submit new data in a timely manner
  • note to wildeoffice team members : our continued regular working relationship constitutes as contact
Contribution is Mandatory

By requesting access, you are agreeing to become a contributor to this project. Contribution is MANDATORY in order to maintain continued access into this site. Data is collected on all dogs, not only breeding dogs. Contribution includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Do you have a new dog? report the name, litter coming from etc.
  • Have you started health testing? report results as you receive them vs. waiting to send it to staff in bulk
  • Have you heard of a death in the breed? report date of death and possible cause
  • Have you replied to any and all messages from staff?
account suspension

sus·pend – to temporarily prevent from continuing; a time out

The following are reasons that your account will be automatically suspended

  • No contact or collaboration with staff for more than 30 days, your login account will automatically be suspended.
  • Complaints about this project posted anywhere but directly to staff constitutes an automatic suspension. If you’re complaining about the project, you are making it obvious that you do not want to be a part of it.
  • If you are suspended for non-collaboration, reapply at any time.
  • If you are suspended for violation of rules of contact, reapply after 30 days or when suggested by staff. 
No longer want to be part of the project?

Be polite and drop me a note to let me know you are leaving.