Access Requirements

Cost to use this project is DATA! Contribution is MANDATORY in order to maintain access to this site. Without regular contribution and participation, you run the risk of having your account suspended without notice.

General Information

CALL NAMES are often the only name known. In those cases, the Breeder’s Kennel Name is used to preface the Call Name in the Name Column. If you should find such a listing that you know the Registered Name for, please complete the “Correction To Existing Data” form so that we may update this record.

LITTERS are recorded using a general code to identify their existance.
i.e. year :: dam/sire :: date of birth (1991 :: Abbey/Sask :: 05251991)
When the exact date of birth is not known, either the first, fifteen, or thirtieth is used as the program requires the date to be written MM/DD/YYYY. It is also noted in the complete record that this information is approximate.

PICTURES, if available, will be included within the first two generations of a pedigree. The pictures have been collected by a variety of our contributors from a variety of sources over the course of several years. They are only available in a thumbnail format to maintain internet fair-use terms.

REGISTERED NAMES are recorded to the best of our knowledge. In some cases, corrections may need to be made. If you should find such a correction is needed, please complete the “Correction To Existing Data” form.

Additional Information

The database project contains more complete information than is available in this section. The additional information we request when you submit your data is critical to the breed and is made available to our breeder partners.

search limit
This project has a search limit of five (5) queries per day. Queries Per Day is literally the maximum number of queries a user can issue to the program within any given 24 hour period. A query is defined as any search or a click on any link leading to a pedigree.