The Great Shiloh Challenge


This tournament is single elimination in four brackets. Individual Bracket links will go live as voting begins.

The Brackets
  • Bracket 1 Puppies, 12 weeks or younger 
  • Bracket 2 Companions, a life of leisure
  • Bracket 3 Seniors, 10+ years
  • Bracket 4 History, the moms and the dads
How To Vote
  • There will be Four Rounds per Bracket before moving on to the Final Four. 
  • Be sure to vote in all Brackets for each Round.
  • Only one vote per IP address per round of voting. (once complete, the “vote” tab will disappear)
  • Voting polls are located at the bottom of each Bracket page.
Announcements & Time
  • Voting will be open for 48-hours per Round
  • Rounds will be announced here on this page and posted to Shiloh Shepherd Owners facebook group. Feel free to share the link
Puppies The Finals 1 The Great Shiloh Challenge Champion
Seniors The Finals 2

During voting dogs will only be referred to by number, names will be revealed after the Challenge is complete.