We are currently working with our Breeders to create a Buyer’s Checklist so that when looking for a new PUPPY, you have the tools to find the Breeder that is right for YOU.

Topics will include, but are not limited,

  • What to look for in litter advertisements.
  • What to expect for health testing.
  • Questions to ask breeders.
  • and more

I think we all need to remember this…  No matter how diligent a breeder is on health testing, raising their pups and more. Bad things do happen. No breeder can totally eliminate all issues from cropping up in a breeding. Puppies get sick, dogs die… very sad, but true. What matters more than anything is what the breeder does when something does happen.

That being said, this page has been developed to try and arm you, the buyer, with some tools to help in the research phase of finding your breeder.


  • add breeder testimony from Rhonda posted on SSO 9/22/2017