Progesterone Readings – Stage of Estrus – U.S. :

  • Anestrus – 0.9 ng/ml
  • Late Proestrus – 1.9 – 2.5 ng/ml
  • LH Surge – 2.5 – 3.8 ng/ml
  • Ovulation – 3.9 – 7.5 ng/ml
  • Diestrus/Pregnant – 1.9 ng/ml

Dr. Hutch: “The bitch ovulates an immature egg that has to mature for 48 hours before it can be fertilized. The breeding depends on the anticpated life of semen. A natural breeding can be done the day of 5 nanograms, the day after… the life of the semen is going to cover it. The fresh cooled semen should be 48 hours after 5 nanograms. Frozen, we breed 72 hours after 5 nanograms, because frozen semen only lives 12 hours. Slightly later is better than slightly early because you want the egg to be ready to be fertilized. ”

Canine Pregnancy Calendar 
This calendar shows you how your dams pregnancy develops. Each “bar” in the time-table stands for a certain event, if you move your mousepointer over a bar (don’t click), a string will be printed in the status bar of your
window and tells you what’s happening.

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