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Breeding the best possible candidates is the pride of a Shiloh breeder.  Many go above and beyond the minimum requirements of their registry. Visit the Health Screening page [HERE] to get an idea on what is required.

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  • Shiva/Bolt :Anticipated Nov 9, 2020

    Anticipated November 9, 2020
    High Caliber Shilohs, Pennsylvania
    this breeding has taken place


    High Caliber’s Ride The Lightning, TT
    aka Bolt
    b. May 20, 2013 | gray sable plush
    sire: GV NSx5 MBIS GrCH rbsCH CanCH High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty 
    CGC, TT, TDI 
    dam: GV NS bdrCH Ridgewood’s Whisper Down The Lane 
    height/weight: 28.25″ 120lbs
    hips: PennHip L 0.22 R 0.22, no DJD; 90th percentile
    elbow: OFA Normal (P/L 19M)
    heart: OFA Normal Caridiologist SLH-CA500/17M/C-VPI-ECHO, 
    and cardiac holter/clear, 3/2014
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH273/19M-VPI
    eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE25/17M-VPI, 2014
    TLI: 8.8 Normal, 2/2015 
    DM: Normal/Normal via Parentage
    DNA TSS301


    GVx2 NSx2 rbCH High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer, TT
    aka Shiva
    b. February 3, 2013 | light gray sable plush
    sire: bCHptd Bolo’s Cosmic Polar Bear TT, HIT
    dam: TD NS rbCH Caliber’s Kiana Kulani of CJ CGC, TT, ROM
    height/weight: 27″ 89lbs
    hips: PennHIP L 0.23 R 0.20 (>90th percentile)
    elbows: OFA Normal 18M
    heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA498/13F/C-PI-ECHO
    holter/clear, 13 Months
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH264/18F-VPI
    eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE36/37F-VPI; 2016
    TLI 10.1 ug/L, 9/3/2014
    dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM273/19F-VPI-CAR
    DNA TSS302

    Kim Murnyack, High Caliber Shilohs
    Central Pennsylvania
    (814) 387-0124

  • Jade/Jackson :Anticipated 11/10/20

    Anticipated November 10, 2020
    JnL Pocono Shilohs | Pennsylvania
    this breeding has taken place


    Stardust’s Action Jackson, TD
    aka Jackson
    b. April 17, 2016 | bi-black/silver plush
    sire: NSx2 bCH High Caliber’s Noble Warrior TT
    dam: GVx2 brCH Stardust’s Call the Wind CGC, TT
    height/weight: 29.5″ 110lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-913G26M-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL679M26-VPI
    heart: holter (0,0,0) 5M; and,
    OFA Normal SLH-CA643/27M/P-PI-ECHO
    DM Carrier, DDC #111431, 7/17/2018
    DNA TSS404

    JnL Pocono Shilohs

    JnL’s Stone of Fortune v Carin, CGC
    aka Jade
    b. August 6, 2017 | brown sable plush
    sire: NSx3 rbCH Ridgewood’s Fame and Fortune CGC, TDI, TT, HIC
    dam: JnL’s Maggie May ROM
    height/weight: 27.5″ 106lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-993G25F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL751F25-VPI
    heart: holter (0,0,0) 5M; OFA Normal SLH-CA675/28F/P-PI
    dm: Normal/Normal via parentage
    DNA pending

    Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
    Moscow, PA

  • Winnie/Issac :We’ll Try Again

    It is with great disappointment and sadness that no puppies were seen this morning via ultrasound on the Winnie/Issac breeding. We will be repeating this pairing at Winnie’s next heat cycle (probably around Jan/Feb 2021). 

    Christi Yonavick, Ridgewood Shilohs
    Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

  • Kiki/Bandit :due Sept 20, 2020

    due September 20, 2020
    JnL Pocono Shilohs, Pennsylvania
    this breeding has been confirmed


    BP’s Thief of Hearts v Bellegrace
    aka Bandit
    b. May 7, 2016 | brown sable plush
    sire: BelleGrace’s Finds Nemo
    dam: Glorious Josey
    hips: PH L 0.26 R 0.24, no OA
    elbows: OFA Normal (P/L 23M)
    heart: holter/clear; OFA Normal (# pending)

    JnL Pocono Shilohs

    JnL’s Cosmic Blizzard
    aka Kiki
    b. March 11, 2014 | white plush
    sire: bCHptd Bolo’s Cosmic Polar Bear TT, HIT, ROM
    dam: Genesis Northern Blizzard
    hips: OFA Good SLH-892G45F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL660F45-VPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA627/43F/P-PI
    dm: Normal/Normal via parentage
    DNA TSS371

    Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
    Moscow, PA

  • Koko/Jackson :adopted

    All of our Koko/Jackson puppies have found their forever homes. Still interested in a JnL Pocono Shiloh? Contact us about our next litter.

    Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
    Moscow, PA

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