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Health & Screenings

Improving the health and longevity of the Shiloh Shepherd is a goal of many breeders. The Health Center is your reference for information about general health, health screenings and more… [read more]

Shiloh Shepherds are dogs, therefore, any disease susceptible to the dog population can occur in Shilohs. It is also important to note that any disease prevalent to the Shiloh Shepherd’s ancestor, the German Shepherd Dog, is likely to occur in this breed.

What Normal, Healthy Dog Play Looks Like

Story at-a-glance

  • Sometimes it’s difficult for dog parents to know whether their pet is playing with another dog, or about to get into a fight
  • Normal dog play has no winners or losers — there’s a healthy, balanced back-and-forth between the dogs
  • Signs of potentially dangerous play include one-sided intensity or aggressiveness, grabbing and shaking and raised hackles
  • The best time for your pet to learn appropriate dog-to-dog interaction is while she’s still a puppy

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Permissiveness - Getting Away With It

Story at-a-glance

  • Allowing a dog to do what a dog wants to do
  • How barriers can be breeding grounds of frustration
  • Out of control behavior problems because owner is too permissive

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Dogs Need Space

Not every dog loves every other dog. Some need their space. Follow the links below for helpful hints and guideance:

The Family Tree

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