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Puppies are ready to go home and now it's time to put together your information packet. Copy this, copy that and then you have to collate it. The Puppy Pak helps to ease this workload.

Order ONE customized document filled with information for your new owners. Just print the number of copies you need and staple, put in a folder, or binder and you're ready to go. Order early for less stress come LER time.

Included in this one of a kind packet are:


PDF form customized to include the following:

  • your kennel name, address, phone, email and website
  • litter name (sire/dam) and date of birth
  • sire & dam

The form then allows for the following sections to be added either 1) type the information before printing each packed, or 2) print the packets you need and then write in the information later.

  • puppy being sold (collar color and/or litter name)
  • puppies name (if known)
  • gender of puppy
  • coat and color
  • microchip number
  • date adopted

PEDIGREE, 3 Generation with Photos

  • generated from dbS data based on the litter record on file
  • main litter photo (mom and pups)
  • date of birth
  • coat expectations
  • OTX designation and IC %
  • breeder name and kennel
  • sire/dam and g'sire/g'dam includes photo, full name, call name, dob, color and coat
  • gg'sire/gg'dam includes p hoto, full name, dob, color and coat
  • note: photos of ancestors limited to those on file or those that you can provide

HEALTH INFORMATION Report for sire and dam

  • generated from dbS data on file
  • photo, full name, call name, dob
  • registration number
  • OTX designation and IC%
  • health testing (hips, elbows, heart, etc)
  • height/weight, dna, microchip
  • owner and breeder
  • note: information of ancestors limited to that on file or those that you can provide


  • Shilohs in Brief; basic info summary of the breed
  • Summary of the history of the breed as posted here in ~the library
  • Reference list of links which include, the library, the boutique, OFA, PennHip, Care-A-Lot Supplies, Petedge and Springtime

INCLUDED reference articles & flyers

The following reference articles/fliers are included in the Basic package.

  • Title Sheet & Section Dividers
  • Growing Up Chart
  • Basic Training/House Training
  • Socializing Your Puppy
  • Socializing, Your Committment
  • Disaster Preparedness with FEMA Brochure
  • Emergencies Happen
  • Bloat, the Mother of All Emergencies with Bloat Chart

Additional articles (as noted below) can be added to customize your Puppy Pak even more.

Puppy Pak Request Form:

your name:


litter (sire/dam):

date of birth:

date required: (please allow at least 10 days for processing)

options (select all that apply):

(42 pages total) - $15US

ADDITIONAL items (check all that you would like included in your custom package; title page and dividers are automatically included). (115 pages total) - No Addiitonal Charge

Holters, Why We Do Them
Immunization Summary Chart
Growing Up Chart
Daily Dog Duties
Basic Training
Crate Training
Car Rides
Dangers; Plants & Foods
Obedience - Seperation Anxiety
Socializing Your Puppy
Socialization, Development Stages
Socialization, Committment
Socialization, 100 Exposures in 100 Days
Rewards, Lures & Bribes
It Takes A Pack to Raise A Puppy
He Just Wants to Say Hi
Nail Trimming
Dental Care
Disaster Ready
Disaster Preparedness, ready.gov brochure
Emergencies Happen
Bloat, the Mother of All Emergencies
Bloat Chart
Subaortic Stenosis (SAS)
Parasites, Worms
Parasites, Heartworm, Fleas & Ticks
Zoonotic Diseas
Cause of Diarrhea
Reasons to Spay/Neuter
Age to Neuter/Spay, Shiloh Group Article 2011
A New Non-Surgical Way to Neuter Males (Zeuterin)
A Newer Way to Spay


customized. I understand there is an extra charge (i.e. $15 first packet/puppy + $2.00 per additional puppy)

additional comments/requests:

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