We are currently working with our Breeders to create a Buyer’s Checklist so that when looking for a new PUPPY, you have the tools to find the Breeder that is right for YOU.

Topics will include, but are not limited,

  • What to look for in litter advertisements.
  • What to expect for health testing.
  • Questions to ask breeders.
  • and more

I think we all need to remember this…  No matter how diligent a breeder is on health testing, raising their pups and more. Bad things do happen. No breeder can totally eliminate all issues from cropping up in a breeding. Puppies get sick, dogs die… very sad, but true. What matters more than anything is what the breeder does when something does happen.

That being said, this page has been developed to try and arm you, the buyer, with some tools to help in the research phase of finding your breeder. Click on the topic to view more.

What to look for in a Litter Announcement?
Breeders will advertise their litters in a number places … their websites, their club website, Shiloh Puppy News, their kennel facebook pages. 

A typical litter announcement will commonly have the following information available for each the sire and dam:

  • full name
  • call name
  • date of birth
  • coat color and length
  • their sire’s name
  • their dam’s name
  • health testing (included, but not limited to, hips, elbows, heart, DM, etc.)
  • parentage DNA may also be included
Why is Health Testing important?
Health Testing is the hallmark of a good Shiloh Shepherd Breeder. They strive to breed the healthiest possible candidates. All the breed registries require official hip x-rays on breeding stock.  Many breeders go above and beyond the minimum requirements of their registry for health testing. A full list of tests commonly seen can be found [HERE].

Never hesitate to ask your breeder for documentation of health testing performed. If they are unwilling to produce this documentation, turn around and walk away.

Why is the Pedigree so important?
It is often difficult to spot a Shiloh simply on looks and size alone. Long-haired German Shepherd Dogs, King Shepherds and many mixed breeds are similar in appearance to the Shiloh Shepherd. 

Ask the breeder to see the pedigrees of the breeding dogs they are advertising. If they cannot or refuse to do this, walk away.

What is a Registry?
A registry is responsible for the paperwork issued to breeders of the Shiloh Shepherd. They have registry rules and standards in health testing for the continuation of our wonderful breed. There are currently five (5) Shiloh Shepherd specific registries. Learn more about the individual registries [HERE]
What is a Club?
Clubs are for their members, both pet owners and breeders. They are not a governing body over the registries. There are currently three (3) Shiloh Shepherd clubs. Learn more about the clubs [HERE]