STUDS :the Gallery

By special request, this Stud Photo Gallery for stud owners which have opted to participate. There is currently no charge for this service. Interested in participating? Please contact us today.

NOTE:  This is NOT a complete representation of all studs available.  Be sure to [GO TO] our Stud Information Page for assistance in a more complete search.


  • Proven/Frozen = Stud is proven with litter(s); He can be either live/neutered or dead and frozen sperm is the only option.
  • Proven = Stud is proven with litter(s); He is intact and available either for live cover, fresh AI, or in some cases, frozen; Check with owner/breeder for options available.
  • Tested = Stud has been health tested and is ready for breeding.
  • Future = Potential stud < 3 years and still growing and waiting to be tested.